Synonyms and related words:
accommodate, adjust, arrange matters, bring to terms, bring together, compose, compromise, fix up, harmonize, heal the breach, mediate, patch things up, put in tune, reconcile, resolve, restore harmony, settle, settle differences, smooth it over, weave peace between

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Reunite — Re u*nite , v. t. & i. To unite again; to join after separation or variance. Shak. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • reunite — index call (summon), collect (gather), conjoin, convene, meet, pacify, reconcile …   Law dictionary

  • reunite — (v.) 1590s, from adj. reunit reunited (mid 15c.), from M.L. reunitus, pp. of reunire unite again, from L. re again (see RE (Cf. re )) + unire join together (see UNITE (Cf. unite)). Related: Reunited; …   Etymology dictionary

  • reunite — ► VERB ▪ bring or come together again after a period of separation or disunity …   English terms dictionary

  • reunite — [rē΄yo͞o nīt′] vt., vi. reunited, reuniting [< ML reunitus, pp. of reunire: see RE & UNITE1] to unite again; bring or come together again reuniter n …   English World dictionary

  • reunite — [[t]ri͟ːjuːna͟ɪt[/t]] reunites, reuniting, reunited 1) V ERG If people are reunited, or if they reunite, they meet each other again after they have been separated for some time. [be V ed] She and her youngest son were finally allowed to be… …   English dictionary

  • reunite — v. (D; tr.) to reunite with (to reunite smb. with her/his family) * * * [ˌriːjuː naɪt] (D;tr.) to reunitewith (to reunite smb. with her/ his family) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • reunite — UK [ˌriːjuːˈnaɪt] / US [ˌrɪjuˈnaɪt] verb [intransitive/transitive] Word forms reunite : present tense I/you/we/they reunite he/she/it reunites present participle reuniting past tense reunited past participle reunited 1) to bring people or groups… …   English dictionary

  • reunite — verb To unite again. After ten years apart, the band will reunite. See Also: reunion, unite …   Wiktionary

  • reunite — re|u|nite [ˌri:ju:ˈnaıt] v [I,T usually passive] to come together again or to bring people, parts of an organization, political party, or country together again be reunited with sb ▪ The children were finally reunited with their families. ▪ The… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • reunite — re|u|nite [ ,riju naıt ] verb intransitive or transitive 1. ) to bring people or groups together again after they have not seen each other for a period of time, or to be brought together again after a period of time: The band has reunited for one …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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